Does Your Business Need Video Marketing? Let’s Check the Stats

Without a clearly defined strategy in place, digital marketing can be overwhelming for small and mid-sized businesses.

You know an online presence is necessary to grow your brand, but where do you start? We recommend starting with these three keys to success:

Build on a Solid Foundation

Starting with a foundation of search and display advertising and building on it with additional strategies is a sure, steady way to achieve your digital marketing goals.

One advantage of using display advertising to attract new customers and gain momentum is the ability to remarket to your former visitors while they search the web. From there, you can implement complementary strategies such as Facebook advertising to reach prospective customers as they browse social media.

The key is to build on your initial success to draw in potential customers from other online sources.

More is Better

Digital marketing is one of the only areas where less is definitely not more.

Combining search engine marketing, display advertising, remarketing, Facebook advertising and more will ensure a comprehensive web strategy and drive client growth.

An integrated digital marketing presence is the best way to reach prospective customers no matter their searching habits.

Find Out What’s Working

One of the challenges many small and mid-sized business owners face is truly knowing the impact of their digital marketing efforts, and how to test and continually improve their strategy.

Sometimes, our first ideas are our strongest, but you can’t count on getting it right every time. Split testing your digital content is an effective and direct way of compiling comparative and up-to-date data that shows you which strategies worked, which didn’t, when they worked, and why.

A simple split test is manageable for even the smallest of businesses and can tell you if you’re on the right track. But there’s a lot more you can be doing to make your dollar go farther.

With the proper tools and expertise, the insights your audience provides you will inform your next move. Whether it’s optimizing your advertising and audience targeting or fine-tuning the creative and visual elements, there’s always room to bring your marketing to the next level.

Assembling the building blocks for a digital marketing strategy will lead to a thriving online presence for your business. At Bonshaw, we look forward to helping you take those first steps towards confidence, excitement, and success.