4 Things That Will Make Your Website Irresistible

As the online face of your company, your website is the foundation of all your marketing endeavours. The average online visitor will take approximately 5 seconds to decide if you’re worth their time, so be sure to draw them in with these four tips:

Clean & Simple Design

More than anything, make sure your site is clean, organized and easy to navigate. Since Internet users have incredibly short attention spans, your website’s layout and design are crucial to capturing their interest and investment.  

Accessible Content

On average, businesses lose 50% of potential sales when visitors can’t find what they’re looking for. To help customers make a decision, each page on your website must have a distinct theme and clear, scannable content. When it comes to contact information, make sure it’s easy to find as most customers will want to connect with you directly before making a commitment. This is especially important for industries that rely on appointments, such as automotive and healthcare.

A Mobile-Friendly Experience

52.2% of all worldwide search traffic is conducted through cell phones, which means that a mobile-friendly site is no longer just a cool option. If your website looks amazing on a desktop but isn’t quite delivering over a smartphone, it may be time to optimize.

Lead-Grabbing Tactics

Digital marketing strategies such as PPC, SEO and Facebook Lead Ads are just a few great ways to drive traffic to your site. However, since 98% of visitors leave a website without converting, make sure to further establish processes that will help retarget and capture leads. This can include email marketing, signup forms, live chat or even just an outstanding landing page. Giving your all to even the smallest tactics can reap huge rewards in the long run.


Your website is the marketing hub of your business, and so with each visit, your customers should feel comfortable, valued and excited to return again and again. To learn more about online best practices, check out the rest of our blog.