Ask Bonshaw: What can Facebook Marketing do for me locally?

“Should we consider adding Facebook Marketing into our local marketing efforts?” 

Whenever we get asked this question, our answer is usually a resounding “absolutely!”

Creating a strong online presence through social media is an incredibly valuable investment to make while driving interest to your business or website. Whether you’re a new startup, an expanding business, or have been around for decades, maintaining visibility on your audience’s social media channels is a sure way to stay top-of-mind and drive growth. 

Facebook users stay on the social media site for an average of 20 minutes per Facebook visit! That captive audience makes it an excellent place for anyone looking to engage with potential customers and expand their reach online. 

By employing a multi-layered Facebook marketing strategy that maximizes your paid and organic reach, you can engage with prospective customers, create engaging content, and target a specific group of people with real-time results.

Here are three immediate benefits to taking your message to social media:


1. Facebook Advertising Reaches Your Target Audience

Have you ever visited a website, searched for a product, or Googled a business, then noticed their content appearing up and down your news feed soon after? 

It gets the point home quick. And it works. 

Advertising on Facebook gets to the right market. It gets to the people that need to see it. Most importantly, it can direct your audience to exactly where they need to go. 

Facebook alone accounts for 18.4% of all mobile digital advertising. While it takes an expert hand to effectively segment and target your audience, the end result is a phenomenal return on investment.


2. It’s Effective at Driving Traffic to Your Website

So, you’ve built an online presence. Your website is up and running, it looks great, and it’s responsive. But you still need to get the word out, or else nobody will see it. 

While advertising on Google is excellent for climbing up the search rankings and getting to that decision-making audience,  there’s a whole segment of users who might be too early in the buying process to be searching for you, your product, or your services.

But they’re still an important audience to reach, and they’re on Facebook.

By marketing to your targeted audience where they feel most comfortable, your ads and social media posts will drive traffic exactly where you want them to go. 

This could be your landing page, a products page, testimonial page… the choice is yours, and each option might work best for a different type of ad. 

Not sure if your website will make the right impression? Request a free analysis today.


3. It Creates Brand Awareness

Did you know: By evaluating how much time people spend looking at different ads, Facebook can now tell which people are most likely to watch and recall your ad? 

Now imagine your message being sent to the very people that are in your market, fit your custom demographics, and are most likely to remember your advertisement. 

That’s the power of a well-planned brand awareness campaign. 

By targeting users based on their core demographics and habits, you’re spending smarter while building name recognition among those most likely to take the next step. 

Facebook has reinvented the way the world interacts with content, and this is big news for local marketing. At Bonshaw, our team works with hard data and deliverables to measure and build success.