Ask Bonshaw: Where Should I Market My Business Online?

As online marketing becomes increasingly popular, there are more and more opportunities and places to market your business. One of the common questions we get asked at Bonshaw is: “Where should I market my business online?”

Let’s take a quick crash-course on the major options available to you, and look at the first steps we recommend taking to get your message across to your audience.


The first platform you should be on is a slightly obvious one, but extremely important.

Yes, we’re talking about Google.

While the need to establish your business on Google seems obvious, it can also be daunting; with several major opportunities for your business to have a presence on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), from paid placements to organic listings, choosing the right strategy for your business takes a strong knowledge of how users interact in the digital sphere.

We can help you with that.


The next platform you should absolutely be using is Facebook. With 88% of all Atlantic Canadians on Facebook and over two billion monthly users around the globe, it is the ideal marketplace to show your community the value you can offer them.  

Similar to Google, Facebook has a wealth of different tactics that allow you to reach your customer base. These can range from organic and boosted posts, to ad placements, audience targeting, setting campaign goals, and more. The advantage here is that Facebook allows you to get as detailed with targeting as you want. The more you know about how Facebook delivers your content, the greater your efforts will be rewarded.


And finally: Did you know that YouTube viewers consume 1 billion hours of video content a day? That is a lot of videos to watch, and your business could be taking advantage of that spotlight.

In digital marketing, it is common to hear someone say “content is king,” and the power of content is shifting more and more towards video. While having your own YouTube channel with your own videos is a great way to connect with consumers in an engaging way, it’s not the only way to see your business featured on the big screen. Even if you aren’t ready to start your own video blog, you can just as effectively get your message across through short, engaging video ads that will be served to a curated, captive audience.


Trust us when we say: this is just the beginning! There are so many options out there, and our mission is to find the best solution for each individual customer.

Ready to bring your digital marketing to the next level? Ask Bonshaw.