Five ways to spice up your Facebook advertising strategy

You probably already know that Facebook advertising is a great way to target your ideal consumer on one of the largest social media platforms in the world. If you’re currently running Facebook advertising, what are some things you can do to improve your ad performance and reach your marketing goals?

Here are five ways to spice up your Facebook advertising strategy.


1. Take Advantage of Targeting Options


You can choose specific demographic options such as location, age range, gender and even language for your Facebook ad targeting. There is an even more granular detailed targeting section, which will allow you to narrow your target audience from a wide range of interests, demographics, income behaviors, and more. For instance, if you are running a Facebook ad for an upcoming college sporting event, you can segment your target audience by age, demographic area, and even common interests, such as Facebook users that visit alumni sites.


2. Test Different Images


One of the most important elements of your ads, and probably the top factor when audiences are deciding whether to click on a post, is the image for your ad. Through some A/B testing, you can identify the best images by comparing click-through rates (CTR) and choosing the ads that maximize CTR and conversions.


3. Use Facebook Retargeting


Facebook retargeting is an important tool to take advantage of. Oftentimes, potential customers who have visited your site in the past were comparison-shopping. When customers approach the end of the buying cycle, they may have forgotten about your site altogether. When a user visits your site, they are then “cookied,” which places a code on the page that the user visits and will trigger your ads to follow that cookied user. That might be the reason why those Ray-Ban sunglasses you have been researching keep popping up in your Facebook News Feed, sometimes immediately.


4. Choose an Appropriate Call to Action


There are a variety of different calls to action that Facebook will let you choose from for your ads. These can have a substantial impact on your clickthrough rate and conversion rate, and this is yet another option where A/B testing might work well. Currently, some choices include Book Now, Learn More, Shop Now, Download, or Sign Up.


5. Supplement Ads with Landing Pages


It is important that you connect your ad through a relevant landing page. Landing pages that relate to your ads and potential offers or coupons for your product or service will enable you to maximize your advertising efforts by educating your users before prompting them to buy. By sending potential customers to a very basic site or a typical product page without a clear course of action, you could be wasting time and money. Since clicks cost you money, it’s important that you make each click count.