How to Improve Your Business Using Customer Feedback

It’s no surprise that social media offers unparalleled marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Still, many companies have yet to take advantage of the crucial insights provided by customer feedback. Instead of dragging down company morale, both positive and negative comments can be the driving force toward lasting change.

Take Action Right Away

Customer service requests made through Twitter have grown by more than 250%, with most users expecting a reply within two hours. While those whose needs are met immediately will likely end up your biggest fans, those whose problems aren’t solved within at least a few hours may focus on the weaker aspects of your business. That being said, you’ll often receive feedback that requires a more thoughtful and nuanced reply. If it’s an issue you plan to take action on, let the customer know and show your appreciation through regular updates. All input, even when it’s negative, is crucial for your brand’s growth.

Update Your Social Media Plan

In your social media plan, set aside time for live interaction with users and make sure to monitor social media mentions. In addition to addressing problems quickly and prioritizing the needs of existing customers, this will give enormous credibility to your business.


Listening to and learning from online reviews will bolster your marketing strategy and help forge a clear path to success. Learn more about the amazing benefits of customer feedback by checking out our blog.