Laying the Foundation to Your Search Marketing Campaign

There’s no denying that search engine marketing is alive and thriving. As the online algorithm changes every day, it is essential that you keep up with the current trends and stay top-of-mind with your customers. Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Geo-Targeting



Geo-targeting allows you to focus on geographic areas that are relevant to your business. You can wisely allocate your ad-spend by choosing areas around your business or even cities your customers may reside in. Additionally, you can exclude different locations to really zero in on specific area codes, cities, or even provinces. You’re practically cherry-picking a new set of customers!

2. Determine Where & How to Reach Your Customers



A big question that always needs to be answered when you’re building any search marketing campaign is, where? What search engines do I use? Our answer to this is Google. Google Ads is complementary to your other marketing efforts and can produce great results when your ad is optimized properly for your objective.

While we’re on the subject of search spend, be sure to pay some extra attention to your chosen keywords. Aiming for words with high search volume but low competition is the ideal way to maximize your budget and visibility. Tools such as the Google Keyword Planner will help give you a better understanding of what customers actually search for.

3. Local Ad Extensions



Consumers are increasingly searching for local businesses via mobile. Therefore, local ad extensions can definitely make you more visible to your target audience by showing your mapped location, address, phone number, distance and even a call to action. Your next customer could be walking over in just a few minutes!

Search engine marketing will put you right in front of your target audience, leading to much-deserved exposure and success. How can Bonshaw help? Find out today!