Spooky Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making

While haunted houses, zombie costumes, and ghost stories may scare people around Halloween, an easily avoidable marketing mistake can scare away your customers year round. 

Here are some of the spookiest (and all too common) marketing mistakes that may be scaring your clients away.

1. Ignoring Local Listings

Did you know that 50% of people who search for a local business intend to visit stores that day? Those are the customers you are competing for, and they’re going to make their decision quickly. 

If you’re not managing your local listings and keeping them up-to-date with reliable and accurate information, you could be missing out on those searchers. 

You don’t want to alienate or anger potential customers with inaccurate listings. By managing your local listings with correct and up-to-date information, you’re making it easier for customers to find you and contact you when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.

2. Not Optimizing for Mobile

You can’t afford to ignore mobile. Optimizing your digital marketing strategy, including your website, paid ads, and more, for mobile is essential to the success of your strategy

With more consumers now performing searches on their mobile devices than desktop, it’s essential to tailor every aspect of your marketing to presenting the best consumer experience across mobile devices.

3. Stopping Your Spend During the Slow Season

One thing many seasonal businesses do is slow their spend when things slow down. While this makes sense in theory, it’s not great for your overall marketing strategy. Think about it: When you run search advertising campaigns, you (or your digital marketing company) are constantly updating and optimizing your campaigns for success and working to get to the best spot. So, if you stop or slow your spend, you’re missing out on that position you worked so hard for, and your competitors can take over.

And, digital marketing is an ongoing strategy, so by taking the focus off of your marketing, you may have to start from scratch when the busy season begins.

4. Not Testing New Solutions

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving, with new solutions emerging regularly. While not all trends and strategies are worth trying, you also don’t want your marketing to go stale. 

Try out a few new strategies each season to revamp your marketing and keep customers and prospects interested. It could be as simple as testing a new trend or adopting a digital marketing tactic you haven’t tried before, like Facebook advertising or targeted email marketing. 

Don’t let these spooky digital marketing mistakes haunt you. Digital marketing is an evolving practice that requires expertise, time, and an investment.