Step Up Your Facebook Marketing Game With These 3 Tips

When it comes to Facebook marketing, the Internet has no shortage of tips and tricks. However, most of them seem to focus on theoretical knowledge more than practical advice. Here’re three achievable steps you can put into action right away.

1. Authentic Images

Not every photo is equal in terms of quality, and there’s no place this is more painfully true than social media. While it’s true that stock photos are the most cost-effective, in-house content is more authentic and eliminates the possibility of recycling overused images.

If the budget or resources for custom imagery isn’t available just yet, devote some to finding the right images for your brand. Alternatively, you can always use pictures from team members’ cell phones. Although not as polished, they will still stand out from a blur of stock photos.

2. Check Out the Competition

While some tactics are good for months or even years, others die out as soon as they launch. Social media strategy is endless reforming and readjusting, and you won’t be able to keep up without analyzing your competition.

How do you do this exactly?  By accessing the Facebook Insights tab, you’re able to follow industry competitors under the Pages to Watch section. While the data is understandably limited, you can determine their posting frequency, engagement, and total page likes. It doesn’t hurt to follow them on your personal page either since chances are they’re already doing the same.

3. Engage, Engage, Engage

Dropping content on a page and then promptly ghosting your audience comes across as apathetic and insincere. Connecting with people is, after all, what the platform was designed for. Responding to both positive and negative reviews or even giving comments a quick “Like” are a few ways to show your followers care and attention. If you’re really scrambling for time, consider setting up automatic replies in Messenger.  


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