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At BNI it’s our mission to empower New Brunswick communities through quality local journalism. Our team of award-winning journalists cover the province from corner to corner, bringing readers exclusive investigations, human interest stories and political coverage from the legislature in Fredericton to our bureau in Ottawa. For your most accurate news today, turn to BNI.

Who is BNI?

We’re current

Online and in print, BNI leads the province’s news coverage, keeping readers up-to-date and offering analysis on important issues.

We’re far-reaching

Our ever growing network of media outlets includes New Brunswick’s daily newspapers, a dozen weekly newspapers, flyer distribution services, commercial printing operations and New Brunswick’s most popular online properties.

We’re community-focused

We strive to shine light in dark corners, celebrate our communities and keep New Brunswickers informed.

We’re BNI

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BNI has a proud history and bright future. As one of Atlantic Canada’s most dynamic media groups, BNI serves up a comprehensive package of news and information to readers throughout New Brunswick each day.

Across the province, BNI employs more than 600 people and produces 24 newspapers in total, including three daily newspapers.

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