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Bonshaw is your one-stop, full-service digital marketing agency that will fulfil all your digital needs. We help businesses effectively and efficiently communicate their stories.


We proudly serve Atlantic Canada with office locations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. Anywhere, anytime, Bonshaw is there for you and your business’ digital marketing needs.

Who are we?

We’re knowledgeable.

We use the latest research and tools to analyze what your audience wants to see on your digital presence. We use this data to create meaningful, relevant and engaging content customized for your business.

We’re creative.

We consistently create content that gets attention and generates engagement with your business. Whether it’s a graphic design or a promotional video, there’s no shortage of ideas here.

We’re innovative.

Spending on social media advertising is on track to outgrow TV ad spend for the first time. Get a head start on your competitors now with one-of-a-kind digital content specific to your brand.

We’re Bonshaw.

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Your brand. Your voice. Our expertise.

Bonshaw is a fully rounded, one-stop shop for digital advertising and other marketing services. We work with businesses from all industries: automotive, food and drink, medical, industrial, real estate and more. Our experienced team specializes in web design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing on all digital platforms.


No one knows your company better than you do, and with the help of the experts here at Bonshaw, you can spend more time focusing on your business operations. Work with us and we’ll build you an innovative digital marketing plan that delivers results and focuses on your business goals. We know the ins and out of digital marketing and will help your brand reach that next level!


Exceeding expectations with an innovative digital experience that pushes boundaries is what we do best here at Bonshaw. We build custom marketing campaigns and then convert those plans into action. We constantly measure what’s working and what needs to be tweaked and improved to achieve our customers’ marketing goals.

Programmatic Display Advertising

Did you know the ancient Egyptians used papyrus to spread sales messaging? People have used advertising for thousands of years. At Bonshaw Media, we use a combination of tools to reach your target audience and generate potential sales leads.

We want to help you make connections with your target audience. We use a combination behavioural targeting, Geo-targeting and retargeting tools and strategies to spread the word about your business and reach potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

There are more than 2 million businesses advertising on Facebook in 2018.  Consumers are likely to check out a brand’s social accounts because they’re interested in purchasing a product or service – what will they find when they visit yours?

We provide content marketing services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Let us help you make a good impression and have an impact on your audience with attention-grabbing content.

Web Design and Development

There’s nothing worse than visiting an ugly or non-functional website…except maybe trying to build a website and having no clue what you’re doing.

At Bonshaw we make sure your business’ site is not only gorgeous, but also user friendly and optimized for desktop, mobile phones and tablets – right out of the box. Choose from one of our stylish templates or request a custom build.

Don’t consider yourself “techy”? Don’t worry, we’ll handle all the nerdy stuff like hosting and responsive web design. All you have to provide are a business logo and some basic details.

Video Production & Editing

Video content is taking over social media platforms. Take advantage of the billions of online video views that take place each day. We’ll make your vision a cinematic reality using the latest video editing technology and our creative eye. Whether you have a basic idea or a 30-page script, we’ll bring your video to life.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Your search engine focuses on content, quality and the overall experience your website gives its users. On average, 83% of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO. Bonshaw Media can optimize your website to generate leads and create digital word of mouth

Analytics and Reporting

An important aspect of your digital presence is seeing how your digital marketing strategies are performing. Bonshaw provides you with analytics and reports on your website and social media performance. Are certain web pages viewed more than others? How long do users stay on your site? Does viewing certain pages more frequently lead to sales? We analyze these reports and more to view the behaviour of your customers once they’ve reached your website to retain your audience.

Print Advertising

Our background in print can compliment a campaign by reaching readers across New Brunswick. Let our professional and experienced team of ad designers take care of your next print campaign with creative, original and attractive print ads for your business.

Our Blog

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